Chinova Bioworks, BioSpa and Au Naturel Solutions all named in Game Changers report celebrating Canada’s female led nature and bio-based companies

March 14, 2023

Emergence clients Chinova Bioworks, BioSpa and Au Naturel Solutions recently announced their inclusion in Game Changers: Leading Companies. Powered by Women, an initiative led by Natural Products Canada. This new list of over 100 companies provides an interesting look at the women leading Canada’s growing natural and bio-based industries.

Au Naturel Solutions Founder and CEO Simonne Cormier is the innovator behind Comfort ‘n’ Confidence, an external breast prosthesis made from natural plant and animal fibers, which offers a safe alternative to the silicone and polyester products that currently dominate the marketplace.

“I am deeply humbled and grateful to be recognized amongst many talented and driven women who are also changing the world through their innovative ideas and business savvy,” said Cormier.

Recognized as a disruptor of the food system, Chinova Bioworks uses its clean-label ingredients to reduce food waste by improving the quality, freshness, and shelf life of food and beverage products.

“I am honoured Chinova was named a Game Changer,” said Natasha Dhayagude. “My co-founder and I started the company to make a difference in the food industry by using nature to protect and reduce food waste. Upcycled from the stems of white button mushrooms, our ingredients create value throughout the food supply chain as natural and sustainable alternatives.”

BioSpa and their Quannessence Holistic Skincase are on a mission to deliver local, naturally sourced, healthy and effective skincare products. They use locally sourced (PEI), sustainably grown and harvested ingredients, including powerful compounds from both land and sea.

“We are thrilled to have been selected as one of the top leading companies powered by women in Canada,” said Sharon Quann, Founder and CEO.

NPC is a national organization that supports bio-based innovation, and this first of its kind Game Changers report showcases the breadth of female leadership in Canadian companies that are creating economic and social impact through their natural and bio-based products.The report features companies from across the country with products designed for consumers seeking new options for their health and wellness such as food, beauty and personal care items, as well as industrial products such as bio resins and biopesticides that help corporations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.

About Chinova Bioworks
Chinova Bioworks started in 2016 with the mission of using nature to protect and reduce food waste. The company developed a natural fiber extract from the stems of white button mushrooms to make stable, broad-spectrum preservation ingredients that protect products from spoilage caused by yeast, mold, and harmful bacteria. Their ingredients are natural, healthy, and integrate seamlessly into various foods and beverages during processing. This technology enables manufacturers and lab operators to improve their finished products’ quality, freshness, and shelf-life, resulting in increased consumer satisfaction for using natural, clean-label ingredients, all while reducing food waste. The company has raised $10.5M in investment with a team representing 90% of women in STEM.

About Au Naturel Solutions

Au Naturel Solutions Inc. created by Simonne Cormier, founder and CEO, is the first company to introduce a patented, all-natural handcrafted external breast prosthesis to the marketplace, filling a need for those looking for a natural alternative. Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external breast prostheses are perfect for people who experience; lumpectomy, mastectomy, natural asymmetry, and 2SLGBTQI+ gender expression. At Au Naturel Solutions Inc. we believe in community involvement, inclusive employment opportunities, and respect for employees, customers, and the environment.

BioSpa (Quannessence Holistic Skincare)

BioSpa Cosmeceuticals focuses on the development, manu­facturing and marketing of a premium professorial skincare line: Quannessence Skincare. Their holistic formulas are available in professional spa/salons, naturally addressing specific skin types and conditions including rosacea, acne, chronically dry, sensitive, environmentally stressed and mature skin types. The customer results have led to repeat business and expansion to spa/salons across Canada. The company has several new products ready to hit the market, contributing to their ongoing expansion across Canada and internationally.