Developing something innovative in human health and nutrition? Seeking financing or partners?

February 1, 2018


Royal DSM, the global science based company active in health, nutrition and materials, is inviting Emergence entrepreneurs and innovators looking for financing and partnerships to apply to participate in an engaging conference with top DSM executives to explore business collaborations and investment opportunities.

DSM’s April 2018 North American Partnering Innovation Conference is focused on inviting collaborations with DSM and  innovative companies providing products and technologies that address human health issues.

The event will be held in San Francisco on April 15-17, 2018.

Finalists will be announced by March 9, 2018 and invited to the conference. Apply Here!

DSM’s April 2018 North American Partnering Innovation Conference is the sixth in a series of Partnering Innovation Conferences focused on human health and nutrition.

Previous events include two in New Jersey, two in Switzerland and one in Japan, and have led to successful collaborations between DSM and attendees, and equity investments by DSM Venturing, including at least seven ongoing partnerships with DSM divisions and at least two equity investments by DSM Venturing.

DSM is seeking entries for innovative technologies and products with both near term (<2 years to commercialization) and longer term (>2 years to commercialization) applications in the following areas of interest:

  • Ingredients and fibers that modulate the human microbiome with beneficial impacts on health maintenance and disease prevention.
  • Disruptive formulation technologies and novel product formats for micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, poly unsaturated fatty acids, phytonutrients, dietary enzymes).
  • Non-invasive diagnostics to assess levels of micronutrients in the human body.
  • Minimally invasive diagnostics to assess levels of micronutrients in the human body.
  • Novel plant based proteins.
  • Innovative business models and products related to personalized nutrition.

DSM’s Innovation Partnering Conferences include presentations from senior DSM executives on how DSM collaborates with entrepreneurs at all stages of the supply chain, works to co-develop products and invests in startups with innovative human health and nutrition solutions.

Each invited presenting company that completes the application and screening process will present a 15 minute overview followed by 30 minutes of discussion with senior DSM personnel, including DSM executives from R&D, Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Regulatory and DSM Venturing.

Presenting companies will be assigned mentors from Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) and DSM to help develop their presentation prior to the conference.

Post-event mentoring from a DSM executive will be available on a case by case basis and all selected candidates will be considered for an investment by DSM Venturing or for another type of collaboration with DSM.

A selection committee of DSM and NCN executives will evaluate and interact with applicants to select and prepare the 10-12 invited companies.

The application process and participation is free. Applications are due by March 1, 2018. IMPORTANT: It is critical that you include enough information  about your product/technology, IP, proposed claims and benefits, etc. (though in concise manner) that the Selection Committee can fully understand and evaluate the opportunity.

All travel arrangements will be the responsibility of the conference attendees. Apply Here!

NCN is partnering with DSM to support the selection process and production of this meeting. For questions or assistance on the application process and potential outcomes, please contact