Emergence Client, IWT, launches world-first solar powered mobile wastewater treatment solution

July 5, 2016

Emergence bioscience business incubator client, Island Water Technologies (IWT) has announced the product launch of “REGEN“: a self-powered wastewater treatment solution. IWT is a full member of the PEI BioAlliance’s EmerGence BioScience Business Incubation program.

IWT-header-logoThe first commercial product offering has been developed and customized for partners in the Canadian Military. This system was purchased through the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) for $500,000.

The mobile wastewater treatment unit is housed in a 20′ cargo container and will IWT-Regenprocess wastewater produced by up to 75 persons.

The wastewater treatment is based on enhanced fixed film biological process with a particular focus on an optimized low energy footprint. The treatment system is controlled by a smart PLC system with all data transmitted wirelessly for remote system monitoring and control. This packaged solution also comes with a “Power-box” renewable energy supply that includes 10kW of solar output and battery back-up to offer a stand alone energy supply and wastewater treatment solution.


The REGEN mobile wastewater treatment solution has been designed for remote population clusters where energy costs are excessive, and remote system operation is required. This includes:

  • Military and humanitarian applications
  • Remote mining and work camps
  • Rural communities

Major Luc Doré (Directorate of Land Requirements 7-4, Canadian Army), said: “I feel privileged to be able to support Canadian businesses; the Build in Canada Innovation Program offers us the opportunity to test cutting-edge innovations that could potentially be beneficial to our future operations.

Particularly, technologies such as the REGEN system from Island Water Technologies offers us the opportunity to bring economical and tactical benefits by reducing energy consumption, waste, and the environmental footprint of our military compounds in operations. One of the main advantages is the potential to reduce the number of soldiers in harm’s way who would have been otherwise required to provide logistical support.”

According to Dr. Patrick Kiely (CEO, Island Water Technologies): “This solution is a game-changer for wastewater treatment at remote camps. This low-energy solution is readily deployable and system performance can be monitored or controlled from our central facility. This sustainable technology saves money and reduces risk for remote population clusters that require on-site wastewater treatment.”

Island Water Technologies was founded in 2013,  is headquartered in Montague, PEI and has a technology testing base with Dalhousie University in Truro, Nova Scotia. For this innovative project IWT partnered with Aspin Kemp and Associates and Advanced Atlantic Power Technologies.


If you are interested in learning more about the technology and company please reach out to:

Dr. Patrick Kiely
E-mail: pkiely@islandwatertech.com
Phone: 819 598 7153