Our Process

Step 1- Contact and first meeting

Companies interested in enrolling in the incubation program should first contact Emergence.

The application process begins with an informal meeting between the applicant and Emergence staff for the exchange of information. Through this process, Emergence staff will determine the eligibility of the company to participate in the Incubation program.

Emergence’s eligibility criteria include:

  • Stage of development
  • management potential and coachability
  • business potential
  • technical potential
  • focus area and fit of the company with the existing resources and expertise of the Emergence program

Based on the initial meeting and our eligibility review, the company may participate in our pre-incubation program, or will be invited to submit an application to join the full Emergence program.

Step 2 – Submit online application

Applications are submitted online through our website and should include a non-proprietary description of the company’s business goals, milestones, products, services and/or technologies. This information will be utilized to determine membership status and to facilitate support to your company by informing Emergence mentors and staff.

Step 3 – Review of application and type of membership

The Emergence program offers two membership types:

  • Associate membership
  • Full membership

The type of membership offered to companies is based on an in-depth review of the company’s application. The focus of the business and technology reviews is on the potential for commercialization, capability of the company’s management, the status of its financing, financial needs, intellectual property status, market focus and commercialization plan. In addition, companies are evaluated based on the completeness of their business plan and on their capacity to benefit from the incubator services (location).

Companies meeting all Emergence membership criteria are granted Full Membership, while companies that do not meet one or more criteria are granted Associate Member status.

Company status and access to services

  • Pre-incubation companies: Emergence mentors and staff will assist pre-incubation companies address key strategic and feasibility issues. Pre-Incubation clients may be offered access to certain specialist services, partially sponsored by the PEI BioAlliance. In addition, pre-incubation companies may take advantage of the Emergence networks.
  • Associate members: Associate members receive support from the Emergence team to develop their business plan, business model and to address strategic issues. Critical development pathway gaps may be addressed through co-funded specialist services. Team mentorship and access to Emergence’s networks are also available to Associate members.
  • Full members: Companies admitted to the incubation program as Full members are assigned a mentor and can also elect to receive team mentorship. In addition, full members have full access to specialist services and to Emergence’s networks.

Program length limit:

Emergence is a multi-year incubation program by design, and a time limit for participation in the program is not predetermined. A company will be allowed to participate in the incubation program for as long as it continues to progress and grow. After exit, client companies may chose to continue to participate in certain components of the Emergence program, such as networking and partnering activities.

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