Market Intelligence Service

Entrepreneurs in every sector know how difficult it is to bring new products to market successfully.

Knowing your industry, competitors, markets size, pricing, potential investors and partners can mean the difference between success or failure in the marketplace.

The Emergence program provides clients with access to best-in-class market intelligence designed to complement the mentorship they receive and and specialist services they can access.

To deliver this value-adding program, Emergence has partnered with MaRS to offer clients access to highly qualified business analysts and market information databases.

This service, provided at no cost to Emergence clients, is designed to support our clients’ own research efforts and due diligence.

MaRS Market Intelligence is an integral part of the MaRS Discovery district, a renowned Canadian innovation center with the mission to build entrepreneurial talent and aid the commercialization of science and technology start-ups. During the past fiscal year, MaRS MI helped over 1500 startups with their varied market research. In addition, the MI team publishes Market Insights findings and is capable of providing custom research services and reports to its clients.

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Eligibility criteria?

To access Emergence’s MIS service, the company must be part of the Emergence program; have under $1 million in annual revenue (most recent fiscal year); and may have only raised up to $5 million in total funding since its year established from sources such as VC, angel, personal capital, friends, family, government-funded investment programs and bank loans. This does not include funds raised from government research and development grants. Some exceptions are made when the venture is in the drug development, biotechnology, and medical and assistive device industries. 

How are MI services accessed?

In order to access market intelligence services, clients must work with an advisor at the Emergence program. The Emergence program advisor will assist you in identifying search criteria, terms and keywords to maximize the impact of the search results. The Emergence advisor will also facilitate interactions with the MaRS intelligence advisors.

What is the process of obtaining “Market Intelligence Services”?

Applicants will need to fill in the Market Intelligence Request Form and send it to their Emergence advisor for processing. We will then submit the completed form on behalf of the applicant to MaRS.

The Market Intelligence team will acknowledge the request within 24 hours and turn around the research in 3-10 business days. Urgent requests will be accommodated when possible.

What can I expect to receive after submitting the request?

Once MI receives the request, a sector-specific team member will be assigned to it. After reviewing the request, he or she will contact you for clarification (if necessary), and provide a target date by which the request will be completed.

MI team members will search through licensed databases and, if necessary, through publically available resources to find relevant and timely information. In most cases, a soft copy of the report(s) will be emailed to you along with any customized deliverables based on the request.

Who can I share the research reports with?

As per the “Market Intelligence Services Terms of Use” (, which must be agreed to as indicated on the Market Intelligence Request Form, you cannot share any of the reports provided to anyone outside of your organization (such as consultants and investors).

Can I reference the information from the reports in presentations or business documents?

You must abide by all the copyright rules indicated in the “Market Intelligence Services Terms of Use” ( Some specific items to remember:

  • You cannot copy and paste any figure, table or text from the reports into a business development, venture pitch or grant application without prior permission from the vendor.
  • After obtaining permission, you must reference the vendor appropriately.
  • You cannot make reference to any market numbers or trends from the reports on your company or research website without permission.

Market Intelligence Team

The MaRS Market Intelligence team consists of 12 members with a broad set of skills and backgrounds, including:

  • Over 60 years of market research experience
  • Currently involved with or previously worked at startups
  • Strategy consulting experience
  • Scientific and academic research
  • Investment banking and venture capital
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Technology transfer and commercialization
  • Industry experience
  • Life sciences, healthcare, cleantech, advanced manufacturing, materials, information communications technology and entertainment, and government experience