Access to knowledgeable advice is critical to the successful development of early stage companies.

The Emergence “Critical Path” mentorship program was created based on the premise that effective support to companies has been demonstrated to increase their success and survival rates.  We believe nothing surpasses experience when it comes to making key strategic decisions!

Our mentors  are  an  elite  group  of  professionals,  carefully  selected  based  on their expertise  in  business  formation, operations, product development, and commercialization, in  addition  to  their  skills  as  advisors  and  their desire and ability to give back. Click here to meet our mentors!

Their careers represent a wide range of experience, such as founders, CEOs, chief technical officers, or executives of companies.  Our Mentors bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and contacts across a broad range of industries and markets. They participate in the Emergence “Critical Path” mentorship program for many reasons, including the intellectual appeal of this work and the collegial team approach Emergence uses to address each entrepreneur’s needs.

Our program draws from experienced advisors from the PEI Cluster, across Canada, and internationally. Our mentors are recognized for their specific subject matter expertise.

Emergence’s mentorship takes the form of both one-on-one and team-based mentorship services – which are modelled after the highly-regarded MIT Venture Mentoring Service.

Our program is based on the principle that entrepreneurs know their companies and are in the best position to determine when help is needed. Our clients lead their interactions with our mentors and advisors, determining the frequency and intensity of support they require.

To access our mentorship program, companies are first required to apply to become an Emergence member.

After acceptance into the Emergence program, companies can elect to participate in our team mentorship program. If you choose to participate, your company will be assigned a team of mentors who will assist you in identifying priorities and solutions for your company. Your mentors will also be responsible for identifying the ideal time to increase the size and breadth of expertise of your mentorship team.

Emergence mentors are volunteers specifically selected for their achievements and demonstrated expertise.