What our Clients say…

LisaPfister, founder and CEO of Pfera

Lisa Pfister

“I am so grateful for the support I have received through Emergence. Technical skills are one thing, but the challenges of being a new entrepreneur, bringing a new product to the market, have proven to be much more challenging. I have been helped in my journey by the fantastic mentorship and coaching I have received, as well as by the many other services that I have been able to take advantage of as a client of Emergence”Lisa Pfister, Founder and CEO, Pfera Inc.



Bethany Deshpande

“Working with an incubator program like Emergence has enabled us to draw upon the expertise and valuable mentorship of others who have been there and done that. This has been crucial to keeping us focused on the issues important to our commercialization ‘critical path’, while access to funding when we needed it most helped us to optimize the development of our prototype, and accelerate our path to market.” Bethany Deshpande, Founder and CEO, SomaDetect.



Hannah McIver

“By taking advantage of the Emergence Market Intelligence Service, MicroSintesis has been able to access top tier research reports as well as expert analysts with industry knowledge of the animal health sector. This service was incredibly valuable. Emergence has provided us with strategic- and operational-level input at a time when we needed it most.” Hannah McIver, Founder and CEO, MicroSintesis.




“Emergence provides us direct access to some of the best legal and tax advice available from top-tier professional service providers through their Partnership Program. This is so important for a young company like ours that is taking its first steps into new markets.” David Prydie, Co-Founder, Aim.OA.



Arun Anand

“As we continue to make progress in our drug development, we are excited to be part of a nationally-recognized initiative such as Emergence: which provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with experts in our field and to accelerate many of our development plans for continued growth via access to their targeted mentorship, advisory and consulting services.” Arun Anand, Co-Founder and CEO, Tieös Pharmaceuticals