Bioscience company uses technology as a platform for pain measurement

October 9, 2020

Emergence client BioTraceIT is a company that has developed a platform for detecting and monitoring pain in people and animals.

The company’s hardware device uses skin sensors to detect biosignals related to disease and pain. Software produced by the company gathers, receives, processes, transmits, and displays the data. The use of IT Analytics helps to understand what treatments are most effective and what groups of people or animals will benefit from a particular treatment.

Manufacturing of the devices is done in Ontario, and the research and development and technical support teams are located on PEI. Six people work on PEI now, and they are planning to add more employees on the Island in the near future.

“We are just starting our sales, which means if all goes well we will go from a small start-up to a much bigger company,” says Deborah Dullen, President and CEO of BioTraceIT™.

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