Critical Path Program

Emergence selects only high-potential, qualified bioscience companies as part of the Critical Path Program. Successful applicants have both an innovative product and leadership that is ready to learn and eager to grow a highly scalable business.

This program uses a customized, one-on-one and team mentoring approach that asks the tough but necessary questions, maps out the critical path to success and connects participants to the right relationships through the Emergence Performance Network.

The Critical Path Program supports companies in their growth and development from ideation to commercialization:


Understanding regulatory pathways and markets, becoming investor-ready, establishing proof of concept, and identifying and protecting Intellectual Property.

Sustainable Growth

Building a product portfolio, developing manufacturing and scale up competencies, raising investment/IPO, and coaching leadership team to achieve full potential.

Early Commercialization

Developing a scalable business strategy, planning for market entry, understanding manufacturing options, and building management team and governance models.

Ongoing Evolution

Launching next generation products, geographic market expansion, and process optimization and automation.

Access to Specialist Services

The Critical Path Program identifies areas where additional intelligence, information and knowledge is required. As part of this program, mentors may recommend specialist services projects to help support efficient company growth. These services are provided by third-party, qualified consultants from the Emergence Performance Network and are co-funded between the client and Emergence. Areas of specialization could include:

  • Business and product concept review
  • Improved market assessment and competitive intelligence
  • Early development and implementation of a regulatory strategy
  • Business planning and business strategy support
  • Management team assessment and recommendations
  • Capital formation planning and access
  • R&D planning
  • HR sourcing
  • IP strategy support
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Manufacturing systems optimization

Key Partners