Emergence supports companies in Atlantic Canada specializing in products derived from technologies such as natural product chemistry, fermentation and downstream processing with applications in human and animal health & nutrition, and diagnostics.

7 Fathoms Seaweed Skin Care

7 Fathoms develops novel, marine bioactive extracts used to make high-quality, high bioactive skincare that aids in overall health of skin, hair, and scalp.  


AchieveMR is a virtual mixed reality platform for advanced surgical training. Their solution offers a highly efficient and effective pathway for surgeons to learn and master surgical techniques, remotely but with expert guidance.

Advanced Extraction

Advanced Extraction designs, engineers and fabricates manual and fully automated supercritical fluid botanical CO2 extraction systems for the medical marijuana and hemp industries in North America.


AffinityImmuno Inc. is a premier supplier of reagents and services focused on providing support to biological drug research.


AKSO focuses on the research and development of bioactive ingredients and natural health products from wild caught Atlantic sea cucumber and other marine materials.

Alpha Cognition

Alpha Cognition is a clinical stage, biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing treatments for under-served neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS.

Altheda Wellness Innovation

Altheda, a Canadian natural product company, promotes healthy aging. Altheda’s client education portal and innovative products bridge the gap between science, nature, and medicine to promote optimal health and wellness as you age.

Amar Seafood PEI

AMAR Seafoods Ltd., headquartered in Norway with operations in Quebec and Newfoundland, has acquired the assets of the former Halibut PEI in Victoria, PEI. The new company is called AMAR Seafood PEI. At Amar Seafood, they want to contribute to developing successful food production with a sustainable focus – both in terms of diet and environment.

Atlantic AgriTech

AgriTech is an agricultural and environmental research and consulting company that offers high quality contract crop research services to North American agricultural and life-science companies.

Au Naturel Solutions

Au Naturel Solutions specializes in the manufacturing of an all-natural breast prosthesis with an attachment system.

AVC Diagnostic Services Laboratory

AVC Diagnostic Services through their VLA unit, promotes good laboratory practices, provides quality assurance programs as well as professional development and continuing education opportunities for those in the veterinary sector.


Bactana’s microbiome discovery platform enables development of products and therapeutics through the use of recent advances in molecular and DNA sequencing methods used to study microbial ecology.

BioSpa Cosmeceuticals (Quannessence)

BioSpa Cosmeceuticals focuses on the development, manu­facturing and marketing of a premium professorial skincare line: Quannessence Skincare.


BioTraceIT values the capacity to improve medical care and interventions by quantifying pain and focusing on novel technologies at the cutting edge of wearable health care.

Breathe BioMedical

Breathe BioMedical is developing a powerful technology platform that is poised to detect common, often deadly, diseases using only breath.

Canada’s Island Garden

Canada’s Island Garden Inc., known through their brands FIGR and Piper’s Punch, is a 100% PEI-owned and operated licensed cannabis producer located in the Charlottetown BioCommons Research Park. They produce, process and distribute cannabis products for the legalized cannabis market.

Chinova Bioworks

Chinova Bioworks is transforming the food and beverage industry with a natural, clean-label shelf-life extender extracted from white button mushrooms.

Clever Fruit Products

Clever is a developer of innovative fermented health ingredients for nutraceutical, supplement, and functional food brands.


CNS Contract Research Corp (CNS|CRO) offers unique animal models that more accurately reflect the progression of neurological disease in humans.


EVAH Corp is Canadian biotechnology company focused on developing animal health technologies.

GreenSage Prebiotics

GreenSage Prebiotics focuses on the development and application of prebiotics from coconut for aquaculture and for human health.

Island Abbey Nutritionals

Island Abbey Nutritionals is an innovative food science company based out of PEI. With an impressive library of proven formulations, their state-of-the-art facilities specialize in manufacturing technology for gummy and honey lozenge production.

Microsintesis Inc.

MicroSintesis is an animal health science company pioneering gut health through proteobiotics.

Myomar Molecular

Muscle loss impacts quality of life and life expectancy. Myomar Molecular identifies early markers of muscle loss to improve quality of life, facilitate a faster recovery process, and empower healthy aging.

Natures Crops International

NCI is a premier supplier of organic, non-GM, and expeller pressed oils. They manage the supply chain of high value non-commodity products derived from specialty grown crops for a range of industries, including functional food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and specialty channels.

Nucliq Biologics

Nucliq Biologics is on a mission to help you embrace a healthier future by unlocking the hidden potential of your microbiome.


Nutracelle develops all-natural prebiotic protein products that are tree/peanut-free, gluten-free, 100% whey, keto-friendly, and diabetic-friendly

Pacific Gene Technology

Pacific Gene Tech is a biologics company that develops and commercializes next generation vaccines and adjuvant delivery systems to prevent zoonotic and other diseases

Pegasus Biotech

Pegasus Biotech is a biotech company that focuses on providing high quality vaccine and biotherapeutic development services to the human and animal health sector.

Polyamyna Nanotech

Polyamyna has developed next generation, highly effective and durable antimicrobial technologies to prevent infections caused by the deadly ESKAPE pathogens. Their mission is to support infection control practices and reduce the impact of healthcare associated infections by significantly enhancing surface cleanliness. 


PragmaClin aims to help patients with Parkinson’s Disease monitor their condition with the use of our flagship software, PRIMS. We want a world where patients can get help faster, with more accurate results.

Previwo AS

Previwo works actively to identify specific impactful bacteria that can be selected and used specifically to enhance biological performance in Atlantic salmon through application in water.


Reazent is on a mission to replace synthetic agrochemicals with more economically viable, sustainable, and safer solutions.


Remidose Aerosols Inc manufactures medical devices that deliver accurate dosing of purified cannabis oil. Using only pure distillate cannabis oils that are all manufactured in Canada, Remidose aspires to redefine the way society approaches the health and wellness benefits of cannabis oil.

RPS Biologiques

RPS Biologiques offers a variety of products and services in the aquatic, animal and human health sectors. They target critical problems in disease prevention and control with innovative vaccines and drugs using cutting edge technology.

Seaford Pharmaceuticals

Seaford Pharmaceuticals develops and markets specialty healthcare solutions, and works closely with healthcare professionals to develop quality healthcare products across a variety of therapeutic areas.


SENTRY is a biological activity and water quality monitoring sensor platform. The SENTRY platform is a unique bio-electrode sensor technology that provides real-time microbial performance monitoring in anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.


SomaDetect has developed an in-line sensor that measures every critical indicator of dairy quality from every cow at every milking

Somru BioScience

Somru BioScience is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing breakthrough antibody technology for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Stepscan is a Canadian technology company that manufactures a patented pressure-sensitive electronic floor tile system and proprietary software.

Takaya Technology

Takaya Technology developed an innovative N95 mask design to serve the medical community. Their solution focuses on creating a better fitting respirator, that requires less force than traditional models.


TARGAN aims to empower animal protein producers to maximize efficiency and minimize losses through effective, humane vaccine delivery with breakthrough technologies.

Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Torigen Pharmaceuticals is focused on delivering affordable companion animal immuno-oncology products.

WellFish Tech

WellFish Tech is revolutionizing fish healthcare in the aquaculture industry through rapid non-lethal blood testing for fish. WellFish’s technology enables a novel, data-informed, pro-active healthcare model, increasing productivity, fish health and profitability.