Product strategy update and additions to management team for Emergence client, Dosecann

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. has shared an update on the product strategy of the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Emergence client, Dosecann Inc., as well as a number of strategic additions to the management team of Dosecann.

Dosecann is positioned to play a significant role as a leading research, product development, extraction, formulation and consumer packaged goods manufacturing center in the Canadian cannabis industry, with its 42,000 square foot purpose-built facility in Charlottetown, PEI.

Dosecann has successfully obtained a Dealer’s Licence for Controlled Drugs and Substances from Health Canada and has commenced operations related to the creation of value-added cannabis products, as permitted by the Licence and applicable laws. Dosecann has further subdivided its cannabis activities into two segments, Medical Products and Consumer Packaged Goods.

The Medical Products segment, led by Dr. Christina Woollard and Dr. Bob Chapman, is focused primarily on research and development of new value-added cannabis products for sale to domestic and global medical cannabis and wellness markets.

Part of this segment’s activities will include observational studies and clinical trials to validate the efficacy of new cannabis formulations and intellectual property.  It should be noted that, while current regulations do not allow for the creation of Natural Health Products containing cannabis, the Medical Products segment of Dosecann’s business will also focus on addressing market demand for wellness products containing cannabinoids through the research and development of such products within the parameters of applicable legislation.

The Consumer Packaged Goods segment, led by Mr. Peter Crooks and Dr. Bob Chapman, is focused on the creation of novel consumer packaged products for the medical and non-medical cannabis markets. Initially, this segment of Dosecann’s business will be focused on the creation and manufacturing of cannabis edible and cannabis concentrate products for sale within Canada in anticipation of Health Canada permitting the sale of such products in 2019.

The Company is also excited to present Dosecann’s world-class management team as follows:

Greg Boone
(Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Boone is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the Executive Search and Management consulting field through his company HEC GROUP. He specializes in building high performance teams for his clients in the automotive, food, pharma and chemical industries. For the past 5 years, Mr. Boone has applied his talents to the rapidly emerging medical Cannabis industry as an investor and trusted advisor to companies throughout the world looking to enter this space. Mr. Boone founded Dosecann with the primary goal of bringing the best cannabis innovations to domestic and international consumers across medical, wellness and recreational market segments.

Dr. Christina Woollard
(Chief Scientific Officer)

Dr. Woollard has more than 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical development industry, across big and small pharma. Prior to joining Dosecann, Dr. Woollard worked as a Formulation Scientist at Pfizer for 4 years and then joined GW Pharmaceuticals, a British biopharmaceutical company. She spent 16 years with GW Pharmaceuticals managing the Product Development team and working on multiple cannabinoid projects including Sativex, Epidiolex, injectables, solid oral dosage forms and THCV products. Dr. Woollard received her degree in Pharmacy from the University of Wales, Cardiff, followed by a PhD, studying the use of liposomes to deliver gene therapy to the lung.

Peter Crooks
(Chief of Product Innovation)

Mr. Crooks brings more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in product and brand development across food & beverage, natural health products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Most recently as the Executive Director of Canada’s Smartest Kitchen (Canada’s leading food development laboratory) for which Mr. Crooks was recognized in 2017 as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs, Mr. Crooks successfully led a multi-disciplinary team of chefs, food scientists, marketing professionals and product developers to become Canada’s leading food product development center. In his career, he has overseen the development of over 2,100 products and raised more than $160M to support product innovation and commercialization. He also has been involved in the conceptualization, design and build of three Maritime-based innovation and applied research centers and currently advises several Federal departments on the future of food and innovation.

Dr. Bob Chapman 
(Chief Operating Officer)

Dr. Chapman has been applying his broad practical experience in organic and analytical chemistry for the past nineteen years to solve problems of industrial relevance.  Most recently, Dr. Chapman was a Principal Research Officer with the National Research Council Canada (“NRC”) Aquatic & Crop Resource Development Research Centre based out of Charlottetown, PEI. With the NRC, Dr. Chapman was responsible for leading a national program and strategic projects focused on the development of Natural Health Products and functional ingredients with private sector companies. In particular, he was responsible for leading strategic projects that aim to develop new functional ingredients based on nutritional oils and plant-based proteins which led to research on cannabinoid-based mixtures. Prior to the NRC, Dr. Chapman spent 6 years working as a Senior Scientist for two venture capital funded bioscience startup companies in San Francisco, California.  Dr. Chapman is an Adjunct Professor with the Chemistry Department at the University of Prince Edward Island, the Vice-President of the NHP Research Society, a member of several international standards groups including ASTM D37 committee on cannabis serving as the recording secretary for the processing and handling subcommittee.  For NRC ACRD’s research center, he served on national advisory committees supporting the standardization needs for the emerging cannabis industry to ensure quality and safety of cannabis supply.  Dr. Chapman is an active member of the Canada’s bioscience community serving on several boards and advisory boards. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, has published widely, holds several patents, and has presented at numerous scientific symposia.  Dr. Chapman is the recipient of many awards, including a postdoctoral fellowship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) tenured in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University with Professor George Whitesides.

Allan Arsenault
(Director of Operations)

Mr. Arsenault has more than 17 years of senior management experience within the food industry. He has extensive experience in GMP, HACCP, budgeting, production planning, human resources, materials management, equipment planning, training, auditing, and facility management. He has experience with CFIA, FDA, and SQF audits and has managed facilities that met and exceeded government food safety standards and has led plants to be industry leaders in food safety. Allan has a business degree in Management and a degree in Socio-economics from UPEI in addition to an engineering certificate from Holland College.

Sandra LeClair
(Director of Quality)

Ms. LeClair has been working within the PEI scientific community for over 20 years, with a wide range of experience in multiple roles in academia, government, and private industry. For the past 6 years, she managed the Quality Control department in a GMP facility manufacturing animal vaccines that were distributed worldwide. Prior to this, Ms. LeClair spent 5 years as a Senior Scientist for a global animal health company, working on developing new and unique animal health products. Ms. LeClair graduated with honors from UNB with a Bachelor of Science, and proceeded to enroll in the Masters of Science program at UPEI, completing her Master’s thesis in 2000.

Jeremy Stiles
(Regulatory Affairs/GMP Consultant)

Mr. Stiles is an experienced quality professional in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.  With over 30 years’ experience as a leader in the public and private sector he has worked extensively to design, develop and implement quality and environmental management systems. He is well versed in a variety of quality assurance standards and the regulatory requirements associated with pharmaceutical filings such as CMC, DMF’s, NDA’s or ANDA’s. Prior to joining Dosecann, Mr. Stiles spent 20 years with BioVectra, most recently as Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Stiles graduated from the University of London England with a Masters of Science in Environmental Management.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Greg on building a world-class operation and to welcome the incredible team he has assembled at Dosecann to the Auxly Cannabis platform,” said Hugo Alves, President of Auxly.

“Dosecann is the cornerstone asset in the midstream segment of our business and we feel strongly that the team that has been assembled and the product innovation and development strategy that Dosecann has developed distinguishes Auxly from its peers and puts us in a position to become one of the leading cannabis products companies in the world.  We are hugely excited to see these products come to life at Dosecann and offering consumers innovative quality products backed by research and science!”

About Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (TSX.V: XLY)

Auxly Cannabis Group is a collective of entrepreneurs with a passion for the cannabis industry past, present and future. Our mandate is to facilitate growth for our partners by providing them with financial support and sharing our collective industry experience. Our partners all have different visions, voices and brand values, and all share a common goal—to build a world-class industry based on ethics, diversity, quality and innovation.

About Dosecann

Dosecann is a Canadian Licensed Dealer dedicated to developing cannabis solutions for the cannabis industry. Located in Charlottetown, PEI, Dosecann’s purpose-built, 42,000 square foot facility will be the hub for cannabis extraction, quality testing, research and development, product formulation and manufacturing.

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Emergence client, AES, is hiring: Technical Sales Executive

Emergence client, Charlottetown, PEI-based Advanced Extraction Systems (AESI) offers customers the cleanest and most advanced semi and fully automated supercritical fluid CO2 botanical extraction systems for legal marijuana and hemp industries globally.

AESI_Logo_Horizontal_Green_GrayAESI offers clients an environmentally friendly, Sub- and Supercritical CO2 extraction system which allows for tuneable operating conditions for gentle and thorough extraction and fractionation of cannabis extracts.

AES is now seeking to recruit a Technical Sales Executive.

Job Description: The position involves all aspects of the business development process including: prospecting, lead generation, qualifying leads, proposal preparation/follow-up, developing account strategy, handling customers’ questions with respect to proposals, closing of the sale, and project management.

The position will require the ability to travel internationally.

The position summary is to be used as a guideline only and may not incorporate all functions of the job.


  • Generating sales volume and potential customer inquiries
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Preparing responses to customers’ Request for Proposals
  • Delivering presentations
  • Creating and following up on proposals
  • Helping the Company meet its growth and profitability goals.

Successful candidate must have post-secondary education (Bachelor’s Degree) or equivalent experience in business or engineering and a minimum of 5 years of experience in equipment sales.

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to:


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Emergence client, Microsintesis, receives Canadian registration for new human probiotic

Emergence client, MicroSintesis, Inc., has announced that it has received registration of its new probiotic strain, La-21, in humans.

Microsintesis is a life sciences company developing a novel platform of anti-infective and health products using patented probiotic metabolites,


Hannah McIver, Founder and CEO, MicroSintesis Inc.

L. acidophilus 21 (La-21) produces a new group of bioactive metabolites that help support and maintain the microbiome function in the face of bacterial challenge. These metabolites normalize the gut microflora by blocking the communication of bacteria associated with diarrhea. MicroSintesis uses a proprietary fermentation process to stimulate the production of these metabolites during the making of the probiotic.

The technology was initially discovered at the University of Guelph and, since its discovery, the Company has been working exclusively in the animal health market where it has developed several products targeting the reduction of antibiotic use and the improvement of animal health. After the successfully completing several animal trials, the Company is now pursuing opportunities for the commercialization of their technology for humans.

“We are at the forefront of a really exciting area of microbiome research; the metabolites that probiotics produce.” MicroSintesis CEO, Hannah McIver told us. “We have been working to develop products for the animal health industry for the past 5 years and we are really excited to now begin turning our attention to the human market.”

“Over the next 3-5years we are going to see a really big shift in the probiotic market” says Dr. Mansel Griffiths, the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer. “Most probiotic companies are working with live cells, however the metabolites that probiotics produce have the ability to revolutionize the quality and effectiveness of products being sold.”

Elea the first human product focused exclusively on its ability to produce of these metabolites was recently accepted for registration by Health Canada. It is also the first product to market in a new suite of human products under development and is expected to be available in Canada early 2019.

About MicroSintesis Inc.

Founded in 2011, MicroSintesis is a Canadian life sciences company focused on creating novel animal health products. By harnessing the natural defense mechanisms of probiotics, MicroSintesis is on the forefront of new animal health products. MicroSintesis has developed a unique manufacturing process, which is to the highest standard of quality assurance, to deliver products that are simple, natural, well-defined, and supported by clinical assays, for deliverable success.

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Emergence client, Somru BioScience, “en Route to $7M Raise”: Entrevestor

To help launch its new products, Emergence client, Somru BioScience of Charlottetown, PEI, is raising a $7 million round of funding, and already has commitments for almost half this amount from government funders, writes Entrevestor.View the full story here!


Mohammed Moin: Somru’s VP of Business Development

During a presentation at the recent 2018 Atlantic Venture Forum, Somru Vice-President Mohammed Moin said the company has secured commitments worth $3.3 million in loans and grants from such bodies as the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the National Research Council’s IRAP program, Innovation P.E.I. and Skills P.E.I.

See also: Emergence client, Somru BioScience, receives $4M to research, develop affordable medicines

Somru is developing a range of products centred around antibody technology for research, diagnostic and clinical applications. Its aim is to create technological solutions to accelerate drug development. Moin shared updates on the life-science company during the Growth-Stage Company presentations at the AVF in Halifax.

We want to close [the funding round] by the end of this year,” he said in an interview. “There are some clients of ours that are also looking to invest but we have only just started that discussion about a month ago.”

Somru-Logo-low166The money will be used for research and development of some of Somru’s latest products. One development is IntelliB, a software solution that helps drug developers generate a fingerprint-like analysis of a novel drug to help copy it.

“We will fingerprint a biosimilar candidate and we’ll match it against the inventor’s drug using our algorithm, giving them the best candidate to go forward,” Moin told Entrevestor. “That way they won’t waste product where there is no chance to go forward. . . . It gives us a comprehensive solution for antibody development.”

The company is also developing a proprietary method for producing antibodies using chickens and their eggs rather than lab mice.

“With mice or rabbits, you have to sacrifice the animal,” said Moin. “It’s a more environmentally sustainable way of doing antibody development.”

Last September, Somru moved into a 5,000-square-foot office space in Charlottetown. Moin hopes to double his workforce by the end of the year, bringing the number of staff in its three Charlottetown facilities to around 40 people.

The company serves more than 70 clients scattered across 23 countries and is projected to rake in $1.5 million in revenue for the next fiscal year.

SOMRU3And, through a significant partnership that started in 2017 with Radiant Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, Somru predicts sales of $50 million over the next five years.

The company’s origins date back almost 15 years to when Moin moved to Canada from Bangladesh to study at the University of Prince Edward Island. His brother, Rafiq Islam, was attending university in Nebraska, where he was researching disease detection.

In 2012, they started Somru. And, because of its network of support for biotech companies, Charlottetown became the company’s headquarters.

Somru was one of six growth-stage companies to share their stories at the sixth annual AVF, along with Appili TherapeuticsBlueLight AnalyticsCeltxProcedureFlow and VineView.


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Emergence client, Somru BioScience, receives $4M to research, develop affordable medicines

Emergence client, Charlottetown, PEI-based Somru BioScience, will receive over $4 million in federal and provincial funding to support its latest research and development project. You can read the original story here!

Somru-Logo-low166Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains made the announcement recently at Somru’s Charlottetown facility.

Bains, who is also the minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), said the government understands entrepreneurs take a lot of risks and this funding model promotes government investment and supports local innovation.


Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains

“This is really about strengthening the local ecosystem, the local bioscience sector that’s growing and thriving right here in P.E.I.,” Bains said.

The federal government is providing Somru with $3 million in funding through a repayable loan from the ACOA Atlantic Innovation fund, along with an additional $250,000 in grant funding earmarked for research and development from the National Research Council of Canada.

The province of PEI will provide an additional $975,000 through a repayable loan earmarked for the expansion of Somru’s facilities. The provincial government will also provide $172,000 in non-repayable funding to support the company’s labour costs as it hires more employees.

Somru BioScience is working on developing new analytical tools that could lead to more affordable medicines.

You can read the full story here!

See also: Somru En Route to $7M Raise

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Emergence client, Tieös Pharmaceuticals, collaborates in preclinical validation of lead metabolic compounds

Emergence client, Tieös Pharmaceuticals, has engaged in a joint initiative with the Lady Davis Institute (LDI) to perform preclinical validation of their lead metabolic compounds, currently under development.

logo[1]Tieös is a next-generation biotech company focused on cancer metabolic therapies. Founded in 2016, the company has offices in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The Lady Davis Institute (LDI) is the research arm of Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, a teaching hospital of McGill University. It is among Canada’s leading medical research institutions. Special areas of interest include cancer therapeutics, molecular oncology, molecular and regenerative medicine, clinical epidemiology, and psychosocial aspects of disease.

Over the years, the LDI has been remarkably successful in attracting outstanding investigators with national and international reputations. The LDI is one of the most productive hospital-based research institutes in Canada in terms of peer-reviewed grant funding per square feet.


Arun Anand, CEO, Tieos Pharmaceuticals

“We are looking forward to be working closely with a world-class institute of LDI’s caliber, as we continue to progress in conducting preclinical validation of our lead compounds,” Arun Anand, CEO of Tieös Pharmaceuticals told us. “Looking ahead to the future, our conviction in developing polypharma metabolic-specific therapies for cancer is gaining momentum and we look forward to continuing in the drug development process.”

The initial collaborative project between Tieös and the LDI will focus on in vitro validation of Tieös’ lead compounds and will be conducted at the Pollak Lab, led by principal investigator Dr. Michael Pollak.

Since its inception, the Pollak Lab has contributed to more than 450 publications in scientific literature and has been cited more than 27,000 times. Ongoing research programs at the Pollak Lab include work in cellular and molecular biology, translational research, clinical studies, and epidemiology. The lab also provides services to leading epidemiologic groups including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the National Cancer Institute (USA) and the American Cancer Society.

“We recognize that progress often is made by academic – private sector partnerships and look forward to collaborating with Tieös in the quest for new metabolic therapies for cancer,” says Dr. Michael Pollak.

About the Lady Davis Institute
The Lady Davis Institute (LDI) is an integral part of the Jewish General Hospital and has strong academic links to McGill University. All basic science and clinical investigators at the LDI have university appointments. The LDI boasts more than 200 researchers and about 175 post-graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who receive their research training at the Institute yearly. Major fields of inquiry include cancer, hemovascular diseases, epidemiology, stem cell research, diseases of aging, HIV/AIDS and psychosocial science. Important discoveries made at the LDI have contributed to the health and well-being of patients in Quebec, Canada, and around the world since its founding in 1969. For more information, visit

About Tieös Pharmaceuticals
Tieös Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pre-clinical stage biotech company, focused on developing novel small molecule inhibitors which target the unique metabolic characteristics of cancer cells. Tieös’ lead compounds in development target multiple metabolic pathways simultaneously, while utilizing intelligent drug design elements to minimize drug resistance and collateral damage to healthy and vital cells. Founded in 2016, the company has offices in Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada. For more information, visit


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“Recent Developments in Regulation of Software as a Medical Device”: Bereskin & Parr

In an August 2018 article entitled “Recent Developments in Regulation of Software as a Medical Device“, our friends Andrea Berenbaum and Noel Courage from Emergence Partner, boutique IP law firm Bereskin & Parr, write: “The digital health technology sector has undergone rapid expansion in recent years, and its growth is forecasted to continue”.

B+P“One noteworthy class of technology in this sector is software as a medical device (SaMD),” Berenbaum and Courage point out.

Check out the full article here!

SaMD has been defined by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) as “software intended to be used for one or more medical purposes that perform these purposes without being part of a hardware medical device.”

However, it is not always straightforward to distinguish between SaMD and other software such as medically-related non-SaMD.


Bereskin & Parr Partner, Noel Courage

As new innovations emerge and the field continues to evolve, some medical device regulators are working to adapt their policies and processes to uphold safety and efficacy, while also better aligning with the rapid design, development and modification cycle associated with SaMD. There is also a need for clarity as to what software fits within the definition of SaMD.

This article provides an overview of a few of the recent developments in this regard, with a focus on Health Canada, the Canadian regulator for medical devices.

Berenbaum and Courage write that “Health Canada announced earlier this year that it is establishing a new Digital Health Review Division ‘to allow for a more targeted pre-market review of digital health technologies, to adapt to rapidly changing technologies in digital health, and to respond to fast innovation cycles’. SaMD is considered a ‘key area of focus’ under this new initiative.”


Emergence director, Martin Yuill; Bereskin partners, Tony Orsi and Noel Courage; BioNova Managing Director, Scott Moffatt – pictured at a recent IP workshop in Halifax hosted by Emergence

Companies making SaMD should keep on top of regulatory developments because the clear trend appears to be to try to accelerate the regulatory path to approval,” the authors conclude.

About Bereskin & Parr

Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian full service intellectual property law firm serving clients across all industries around the world. Founded in 1965, the firm has grown to be one of the largest IP firms in Canada with offices located in major economic and technology centres. Bereskin & Parr is made up of more than 70 lawyers and patent and trademark agents, many of whom are recognized as leading practitioners in their specialized fields. The firm has established a depth of legal talent and systems to service clients in every aspect of patent, trademark and copyright law and IP litigation. The firm and its award-winning professionals are consistently ranked as the benchmark for IP law in Canada.


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