Chinova Bioworks Launches First Products: CHIBER for Dairy and CHIBER for Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives 

October 17, 2019

Emergence client Chinova Bioworks issued a news release this week about the launch of their two new products.

Today’s consumers are demanding transparency when it comes to the ingredients in their food and beverage products and ingredient producers are lagging behind when it comes to preservatives. With Chinova’s novel white button mushroom extract technology, they have developed a natural, clean-label antimicrobial shelf life extender specifically for dairy and plant-based alternative dairy products. These applications include dairy cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, cream cheese, sour cream and their almond, cashew, coconut and other plant based alternatives. 

Chinova has launched two new products – one specifically for dairy applications and one for plant-based alternative dairy applications. These were developed to target the most common spoilage microorganisms in each category. These products are specifically designed to replace the current preservatives on the market today with a natural, clean-label alternative. Chiber does not have any sensory or taste impact on these product applications and is Vegan and Kosher certified. 

“Clients in these categories have been searching for a natural, clean-label alternative to the current preservatives on the market but have not been able to find a good solution. With Chinova’s CHIBER mushroom extract preservative we are not only giving clients and consumers a cleaner-label we are also extremely effective against yeast and mold microorganisms, and in certain products tested we can extend the shelf-life weeks beyond what was ever possible before.” -Natasha Dhayagude, CEO. 

Chinova will be officially launching both these products at SupplySide West in Las Vegas on October 17th and interested clients can booth 2711 and request a sample today. 

About Chinova 

Chinova Bioworks is a Canadian company that addresses the growing consumer
demand for healthy, natural, clean-label ingredients, while providing producers with an effective solution that ensures food safety, shelf life, and the overall quality of the
product. The company has developed an innovative preservative based on an ingredient extracted from white button mushrooms called chitosan. This technology offers broad-spectrum protection against all types of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, and mold), is easy to use, and has no organoleptic impact, all at a competitive price point. 

To learn more details about these new products, please contact: Natasha Dhayagude, CEO  and visit