Emergence client, Animal Ethics, wins big at “Animal Pharm Awards 2016”

January 20, 2017

2016’s Animal Pharm Awards highlighted the upsurge in innovation for animals that occurred over the last year.

And nothing demonstrates that better than Emergence client, Animal Ethics, claiming the award in the “Best new food animal product category for their anesthetic, Tri-Solfen.

The judging panel said the product has the potential to be a game-changer worldwide – it is the only topical anesthetic and antiseptic pain relief product approved for livestock anywhere in the world.

animal-ethicsTri-Solfen is the first product developed from Animal Ethics’ patented platform technology. The company believes the product has the potential to fill a large unmet need in the global marketplace for the management of accidental wounds and wounds caused by surgery in livestock and companion animals.

Tri-Solfen is a combination topical anesthetic and wound care agent, which is sprayed onto the wound to simultaneously anesthetize, alleviate pain, control bleeding and protect against infection. Its viscous gel base is also designed to form a long-lasting protective barrier over the wound.

The product was principally developed for use in sheep, to manage pain and bleeding associated with the invasive animal husbandry procedure mulesing. In Australia, the product has over 60% market penetration.

aeAnimal Ethics said: “It has now proven to be highly successful in the treatment of accidental wounds, castration, tail docking, branding and disbudding in several species including cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses. Extensive trials in these livestock species has indicated that the onset of wound anesthesia is very rapid being readily apparent within one minute of application and there is evidence of a significant ongoing analgesic effect even after 24 hours.

“In addition, there is a clear reduction in blood loss and a statistically significant improvement in wound healing rates in treated versus untreated animals.”

Last year saw the further adoption of the product – over 70 million animals have been treated with Tri-Solfen since its original registration. In Australia the product is licensed to Bayer Animal Health.

While the product’s first Australian registration for the treatment of mulesing wounds was achieved in 2012, last year Tri-Solfen gained new product claims for lamb castration and tail docking. In December 2016, Australian regulatory authorities extended the use of Tri-Solfen to include the alleviation of pain in calves. These label extensions have contributed to an increase in the product’s sales.