Emergence client, BioTraceIT, is hiring: Engineer

November 14, 2018

Emergence client, BioTraceIT™ is hiring…

BioTraceIT is actively seeking applications from qualified candidates for an entry level engineering support employee.

BioTraceITBioTraceIT values the capacity to improve medical care and interventions by quantifying pain ultimately impacting quality of life and wellness.

BioTraceIT focuses on novel technologies at the cutting edge of wearable health care. We deem new solutions as paramount to new paradigms. By measuring pain, we quantify wellness.

BioTraceIT is currently seeking applications for an Engineer 1: Assembly, Test and Technical Support.

This individual will work with our engineering team to assemble, test, calibrate, and develop existing and new hardware, firmware and software for the company’s proprietary product. Dependent on the experience and skills responsibilities will include: bench top electrical circuit design, software coding, troubleshooting and testing, firmware development of embedded systems, experimental design and implementation, data analysis, study reports, quality systems and documentation, and customer and technical support.

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