Emergence client, Island Water Technologies, hires new staff

October 1, 2016

Island Water Technologies

The Employment Journey on PEI reports that EmerGence BioScience Business Incubation program client, Island Water Technologies (IWT), has employed a number of highly specialized staff.

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IWT is a wastewater technology company specializing in modular, solar powered treatment solutions. The company is located in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

The company began in 2014, and provides robust, low-complexity self-powered wastewater treatment for domestic and industrial applications.

Wastewater is first treated aerobically in a primary treatment tank with advanced composite polymer materials. A secondary chamber provides additional filtration and disinfection based on specific customer requirements.

The operation is self powered, which means it does not need to be connected to an electrical grid, significantly reducing on-site capital costs, operational costs, and site restrictions. The modular plug-and-play design system requires minimal site disturbance and has a small footprint.

IWT produces wastewater treatment solutions with a particular focus on serving populations in remote areas. The company recently achieved a major milestone when they shipped the world’s first solar powered wastewater treatment system to the Canadian military in Gagetown, New Brunswick.

The market for these wastewater systems is international.  Over the past 18 months, the company has been working to build partnerships and identify potential customers around the world.

They are particularly interested in developing partnerships with multi-national companies that provide equipment to mining operations, military operations, and humanitarian missions in remote areas.

The company recently announced that they have secured their first significant international purchase order.  They will be shipping a wastewater treatment unit to an Italian-based company in Algeria, and it will be installed in a remote mining operation there.

The system design and manufacture of this unit will take place with the help of the company’s partners, Advanced Atlantic Power Technologies Inc. (AAPT) in Pooles Corner, and Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) in Montague.

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