Emergence client, Island Water Technologies, one of elite group selected for Imagine H2O’s 2018 Accelerator

January 26, 2018

Emergence PEI-based client, Island Water Technologies (IWT) has been selected for the Imagine H2O 2018 Accelerator. Congratulations!

IWT was selected by an independent panel of industry experts and investors, which identified an elite group of startups to participate in the 2018 Accelerator program.

Over 200 companies from 36 countries applied to the organization’s 9th annual program.

IWT-header-logoImagine H2O is focused on “empowering people to develop and deploy innovation to solve water challenges globally”, while their accelerator program “delivers the resources, insight, and visibility to help develop, launch, and scale water technology businesses”.

Through the evaluation process, Imagine H2O’s network of experts collectively provided more than 2,500 comments to the applicants  – underscoring the organization’s efforts to advance informed innovation in the water sector.

These startups demonstrate considerable commercial promise in addition to their impact potential on the 2018 challenge areas: scarcity & resilience, water efficiency, utility operations, monitoring & treatment, and data & analytics.

The 2018 accelerator companies have begun a 10-month program that includes access to customer validation opportunities via Imagine H2O’s Beta Partners Program, investor introductions, industry visibility and mentorship. The participants will be honored at Imagine H2O’s WaterGala ’18 on March 14th in San Francisco.

Imagine H2O’s 2018 Accelerator companies are:

  • LLC — Technology for energy neutral, decentralized wastewater treatment, enabling onsite water reuse with 50–80% reduction in incumbent operational costs.
  • change:WATER Labs— A portable, evaporative toilet for homes without power or plumbing — eliminating over 95% of daily sewage volumes onsite, expanding safe, clean, private sanitation in unsewered homes at low cost with low maintenance requirements.
  • Cloud to Street — A remote sensing dashboard providing the data to enable access to flood insurance for the 90% of customers in emerging markets currently uninsured against catastrophe.
  • CustoMem — Novel adsorbent biomaterials, optimized to capture specific pollutants from wastewater, that clean water to meet regulations in a simple, safe and cost effective process.
  • eWaterPay — Affordable, reliable, easily deployed smart water connections for emerging market populations, increasing service reliability by over 100% and revenue collection by 175%.
  • Fracta — Machine Learning condition assessment for potable water mains, enabling significant optimization in utility maintenance and debt service spend.
  • H2nanO— Chemical-free, powerful destruction of persistent, problematic organics in wastewater, enabling compliance and reuse at up to 80% lower cost.
  • Intelliflux — Artificial intelligence-guided adaptive cleaning for membrane and filtration processes, making treatment plants more efficient, reliable, and economical.
  • Island Water Technologies— Bioelectrode wastewater sensor, providing drop-in, low-cost, real-time monitoring of microbial activity and other parameters in the Anaerobic Digestion process.
  • Osmo Systems— Proprietary, low-cost water quality sensors that enable continuous monitoring in shrimp farms to drive higher, more predictable yields.
  • Pipeguard Robotics — Design, manufacture, and operation of small-scale robots to identify and pinpoint pipe leaks early and accurately.
  • RWEDI Solutions Inc. — Purifies building water before entering the cooling tower system, reducing chemical and energy needs and cutting operating costs by 20%.
  • Water Pigeon— A fast, simple, secure alternative to existing automated meter reading without wholesale replacement of existing legacy hardware.