Emergence client, Microsintesis, receives Canadian registration for new human probiotic

August 14, 2018

Emergence client, MicroSintesis, Inc., has announced that it has received registration of its new probiotic strain, La-21, in humans.

Microsintesis is a life sciences company developing a novel platform of anti-infective and health products using patented probiotic metabolites,

Hannah McIver, Founder and CEO, MicroSintesis Inc.

L. acidophilus 21 (La-21) produces a new group of bioactive metabolites that help support and maintain the microbiome function in the face of bacterial challenge. These metabolites normalize the gut microflora by blocking the communication of bacteria associated with diarrhea. MicroSintesis uses a proprietary fermentation process to stimulate the production of these metabolites during the making of the probiotic.

The technology was initially discovered at the University of Guelph and, since its discovery, the Company has been working exclusively in the animal health market where it has developed several products targeting the reduction of antibiotic use and the improvement of animal health. After the successfully completing several animal trials, the Company is now pursuing opportunities for the commercialization of their technology for humans.

“We are at the forefront of a really exciting area of microbiome research; the metabolites that probiotics produce. We have been working to develop products for the animal health industry for the past 5 years and we are really excited to now begin turning our attention to the human market.”

MicroSintesis CEO, Hannah McIver

“Over the next 3-5years we are going to see a really big shift in the probiotic market. Most probiotic companies are working with live cells, however the metabolites that probiotics produce have the ability to revolutionize the quality and effectiveness of products being sold.”

Dr. Mansel Griffiths, the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer

Elea, the first human product, focused exclusively on its ability to produce of these metabolites was recently accepted for registration by Health Canada. It is also the first product to market in a new suite of human products under development and is expected to be available in Canada early 2019.

About MicroSintesis Inc.

Founded in 2011, MicroSintesis is a Canadian life sciences company focused on creating novel animal health products. By harnessing the natural defense mechanisms of probiotics, MicroSintesis is on the forefront of new animal health products. MicroSintesis has developed a unique manufacturing process, which is to the highest standard of quality assurance, to deliver products that are simple, natural, well-defined, and supported by clinical assays, for deliverable success.