Emergence client, MicroSintesis, signs exclusive distribution agreement for pet gut health product

May 26, 2017

New class of probiotics, with a unique mode of action, now available across Canada 

Emergence client, Oakville, Ontario- and Charlottetown, PEI-based MicroSintesis, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Canadian veterinary distributor, Veterinary Healthcare Solutions (VHS), to distribute their first product, YGiA-14.

MicroThis agreement will give Canadian veterinarians access to the company’s breakthrough gut health technology, which contains a new class of molecules called Proteobiotics.

Proteobiotics are naturally produced by probiotics and have a new, anti-virulent mode of action to maintain health and prevent disease causing organisms from establishing.

MicroSintesis is a new animal health company that has, for the past five years, been researching this novel probiotic technology which has the potential to significantly impact the way animals are treated for gut health and intestinal distress.

The MicroSintesis technology platform builds on the discovery that probiotics produce bioactive substances that are responsible for a significant portion of a probiotic’s activity.

ygia-bottlesTermed “Proteobiotics”, these substances directly interfere with a pathogen’s genome and down-regulate genes involved in infection, promoting a healthy digestive tract as a result. Proteobiotics, therefore, supports a more selective use of antibiotics, which may reduce the incidence of antibiotic resistance development, long-term. YGiA-14 is the first product of its kind to contain both a highly effective probiotic and this new Proteobiotic technology.

YGiA helps rebalance healthy gut flora in older dogs, and dogs undergoing stress. YGiA is a convenient 14-day treatment for times of acute canine gut distress, which might result from: Weaning, Change in diet, Garbage gut, Boarding, Travel, Post-surgery, or Chemotherapy.

“The majority of our veterinary customers to date been using our YGIA-14 product with huge success,” Hannah McIver, CEO of MicroSintesis told us. “Both pet owners and veterinarians alike want to treat their animals in ways that don’t negatively impact their natural body’s flora. YGIA-14 provides a stronger and faster response than regular probiotics, without the negative impact of antibiotics.” 

Veterinary Healthcare Solutions is an independent Canadian veterinary marketing and sales company dedicated to delivering innovative products to the veterinary market. With seven sales representatives across Canada, the partnership now gives MicroSintesis the opportunity to sell their products nationally while providing VHS a platform product on which to expand their offering in key clinics.

“VHS is very excited to add the YGIA-14 product to our portfolio.” said Dr. Tom Branton, President of VHS. “The science behind this product coupled with the professionalism and knowledge of the MicroSintesis team are exceptional. More than ever, Animal Health Practitioners and pet owners are seeking natural treatments for their pet ailments. YGIA14 is a great new treatment modality to address gastrointestinal health.”


MicroSintesis is a life sciences company focused on creating novel anti-infectives. By harnessing the natural defense mechanisms of probiotics, MicroSintesis is on the forefront of new biotechnologies that fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria and reduce the virulence of pathogens. To learn more visit: www.microsintesis.com