Emergence client, SomaDetect, “is the innovation that makes the impossible possible“ – CanInnovate

January 18, 2018

In a January 2018 Podcast entitled: “SomaDetect is the innovation that makes the impossible possible“, CanInnovate features an interview with Emergence client, Bethany Deshpande, the CEO of New Brunswick-based SomaDetect – a dairy technology startup measuring milk quality and cow health. You can check out the full Podcast here!SomaDetect Logo

The main take-aways from Bethany:

  • “Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint.
  • Startups are calculus not statistics
  • When you are startup, it really doesn’t matter what the average is. It’s about your own decisions and your own numbers. That’s what drives your business.
  • The precise amount of number is so much important than the average.
  • There is a better milk in every cow at every milking.”

Drawing on the full resources of Emergence, SomaDetect has seen their first year in business catapult them into the international spotlight.

“Working with an incubator program like Emergence has enabled us to draw upon the expertise and valuable mentorship of others who have been there and done that,” says SomaDetect Founder and CEO, Bethany Deshpande.


SomaDetect CEO, Bethany Deshpande

“This has been crucial to keeping us focused on the issues important to our commercialization ‘critical path’, while access to funding when we needed it most helped us to optimize the development of our prototype, and accelerate our path to market.”

SomaDetect has announced that it will launch its business in the US with a new office and pilot program with 10 dairy farms in the State of New York in early 2018.

The venture’s decision to locate in New York state follows the company winning first place and the $1-million prize at the 43North competition in Buffalo. It also includes office space and mentorship at 43North’s incubator. As a condition of the win SomaDetect has to move a substantial portion of their business to Buffalo for at least one year.

“The reason that we applied for 43North, in the beginning, is we saw it as a fantastic opportunity for a soft landing,” Deshpande recently told Huddle.

Deshpande says that the move to New York will allow the venture to “gain some of those really key resources as we expand our business.”