Emergence clients are invited to Competitive Intelligence training

January 14, 2019

Our friends at Venn Innovation in Moncton are inviting Emergence clients to participate in their upcoming Competitive Intelligence Training with Dr. Jonathan Calof.

This session is about teaching small and medium businesses how to grow by installing great processes, helping them to ask the right questions, and giving focus to their business strategy.

Jonathan Dunnett,Venn Innovation 

As a business leader, you’re bombarded by an array of issues and questions, all of which could be critical to your success.

And the ever-growing amount of data available to help you make decisions doesn’t necessarily make things easier.

How do you see through the issues and information so you can focus strategically on what will really make a difference to your organization?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) training gives you tested tools and methods that enable you to:

  • Make strategic decisions with confidence
  • Zero in on the truly crucial issues
  • Ask smarter questions
  • Collect and analyze data relevant to your questions
  • Develop processes for distributing and sharing data-driven insights
  • Anticipate change before it happens.

Beginning February 4th, Venn Innovation will be holding training that will help you make Strategic Decisions with Confidence.

This full day of training will go through the theory of competitive intelligence and then start immediately applying this to your business and one of your strategic priorities by doing a project.

Over the next month, at least once a week on your schedule, participants will receive mentorship from a global leader, Jonathan Calof, as well as local experts, to help you tackle one of your biggest strategic challenges or opportunities via your project.

This could include things such as:

  • Analyzing a new market
  • Examining competitors and how they impact your business
  • Identifying new product opportunities
  • Understanding your customer at a deeper level to increase sales
  • Identifying sales targets and building better ways to pre-qualify sales
  • Understanding upcoming regulation/legal changes and how they impact your business.

This is just a sample of potential projects you could work on through this program. The program wraps up on March 12th, which gives participants approximately 15 hours of direct contact time with the facilitator, including the mentorship period. This would be valued at over $10,000.

Early-bird pricing ends January 18th. There are no hidden costs, and this includes lunch and snacks on all training days.

Event fee (includes 2 tickets, taxes included)
Monday, February 4, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Venn Innovation, 735 Main Street, Suite 201, Moncton
$575.00 CAD

You can sign up here  or contact Jonathan Dunnett if you have any questions.