Forestry-derived products company SynerTek latest to join Emergence

October 19, 2020

Nova Scotia-based SynerTek is the latest bioscience company to join Emergence, Canada’s Bioscience Business Incubator. A growth-stage company currently developing forestry-derived products, SynerTek joins a cohort of 58 clients currently in the incubator program. 

SynerTek delivers products using wood biomass, both from residual waste left behind from forestry operations and from the responsible harvesting of mature trees. SynerTek’s value-capturing processes will also offer significant efficiency improvements in the agriculture, livestock, and materials industries. Their transformative manufacturing platform produces a diversity of high-value products: RenuDiesel, Wood Vinegar, BioChar and Graphene. 

By harvesting trees and forest waste before decay, SynerTek’s process eliminates the release of CO2 and methane gas, avoiding yields that would lead to a dramatic negative carbon footprint. Grounded in sustainability, SynerTek’s mission is to offer a dramatic and positive economic and environmental impact, while promoting community health and creating diverse employment opportunities.

“SynerTek’s vision employs an innovative approach to woodlot management to reinvigorate a battered forestry industry, create sustainable jobs, improve the environment and produce a number of high value-added products while dramatically reducing the total output of greenhouse gasses,” said John Dicks, Founder, SynerTek.

Emergence is a business incubator dedicated to assisting start-ups and growth-stage bioscience companies in efficiently bringing their products and services to market. As part of the Emergence program, SynerTek will have access to business incubation services including: 

Mentorship and advisory services: Emergence companies receive long-term expert advice from mentors, selected for their relevant experience, as well as services to fill in specific gaps in the company’s critical path.

Team Mentorship Program: The Critical Path Team Mentorship Program matches companies with skilled volunteer mentors to provide practical, day-to-day professional advice and business coaching. 

Access to networks and resources: Emergence companies have access to networks including funding agencies, regulatory bodies, future talent, public organizations, service providers, investors, potential partners, and bioscience cluster companies.

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