Fueling Canadian bioscience innovation and entrepreneurship – Emergence launches new partnership with leading service providers

November 28, 2016

At the Emergence bioscience incubator we know that Canada’s life science innovators and entrepreneurs require access to top-tier professional advice, guidance, and mentorship.

They need it to make the right decisions at every stage of their company’s growth. To build successful export companies. And to compete successfully in the global economy.

Emergence has therefore partnered with several leading providers of professional financial, legal and IP services to support our clients’ growth. Click here to see our Partners!

Known as the Professional Service Provider Program (PSP2)this new initiative will further strengthen the “expertise” pillar of support offered to our client ventures.

Through the PSP2 program, Emergence clients can take advantage of:

  • free professional advice and guidance;
  • preferred rates for professional services;
  • value-adding educational roundtables, workshops and seminars; and
  • on-demand, one-on-one access to relevant subject experts.

Our generous founding Partners in this exciting new initiative include:

The PSP2 program provides bioscience and food sector entrepreneurs with timely advice that either solves, or prevents, the most common and pressing problems encountered by early-stage and growth ventures.

PSP2 assists existing and aspiring bioscience and food sector entrepreneurs and innovators. The program is equally targeted at supporting potential, new, and existing entrepreneurs who are in need of expert support and advice to start, grow and accelerate their business.

As as extension of the Professional Service Provider Program, Emergence clients will now also be able to take advantage of two further new programs:

  • The Expert Access Program
    • The Expert Access Program (EAP) makes available subject matter experts to Emergence clients on a confidential, one-on-one basis. EAP consultations are available to Emergence incubator clients on all accounting, legal, tax, intellectual property, and finance-related questions.
  • The Expert Education Program.
    • Through the Expert Education Program (EEP), our  Partners will deliver a range of value-adding educational roundtables, workshops and seminars to enhance the business skills of Canada’s bioscience and food entrepreneurs.
    • The EEP offers interactive and engaging roundtables, workshops and seminars designed to develop the skills and support the growth of entrepreneurs and their start-up ventures, while providing more advanced learning to growing SMEs. EEP events provide participants with the specific tools and resources they need to take their idea to the next level.