GreenSage Prebiotics joins Emergence Incubator

November 23, 2022

GreenSage Prebiotics is the latest company to join Emergence; Atlantic Canada’s bioscience business incubator which is dedicated to assisting start-ups and growth-stage companies in commercialization of bioscience-based technologies and services.

Located in Nova Scotia and Ontario, GreenSage Prebiotics produces a prebiotic from used coconut flesh that not only promotes digestive health and immune support, but also delivers a direct control against pathogenic bacteria that costs the aquaculture industry upwards of $10 billion every year due to disease and early mortality. The prebiotic is a natural and sustainable alternative to antibiotics for animal growth promotion and human health.

Emergence selects only high-potential, qualified bioscience companies. Successful applicants have both an innovative product and a leadership team that is both dedicated to growing a highly scalable business and open to coaching.

“GreenSage Prebiotics has some very exciting technology that could support animal welfare and productivity in Canada’s Aquaculture sector, as well as in warm water species further afield and is an ideal fit for Emergence” says Dr. Jason Cleaversmith, Executive Director, Incubation and Infrastructure. “Throughout the intake process, we were impressed by the leadership, vision and capabilities of the team at GreenSage and look forward to supporting them on their journey.”

“We are thrilled to join Emergence and we are looking forward to becoming part of their entrepreneurial community in Atlantic Canada. Through Emergence, we’ve already been introduced to key contacts in the industry. We look forward to the road ahead and benefiting from the continued guidance provided to us by the Emergence team”, said Mike Berry, Chief Operations Officer, GreenSage Prebiotics.

As a client of Emergence, GreenSage Prebiotics will have access to the region’s top mentorship and advisory services, as well as access to networks and resources.

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