International BioPartnering Mission – Call for Applications from Emergence clients

December 30, 2016

Is your company working to establish a closer relationship with a potential international customer, collaborator or investor?

Through the support of the International Business Development Agreement (IBDA), the Atlantic Canada Bio-Industries Alliance (ACBA) is coordinating International BioPartnering Missions.

The program is now calling for expressions of interest from local bioscience companies and research organizations that are developing business relationships with international business and/or research collaborators.

For the first time, the International BioPartnering Program will also offer support for a limited number of “outgoing missions”. Eligible outgoing mission expenses include costs associated with event costs only (i.e. conference registration) up to a maximum of $1,675 CAD. Travel expenses are not eligible for outgoing missions.

In order to participate, applicants are required to submit a proposal identifying an international colleague you wish to bring to Atlantic Canada, or wish to travel to meet with, and the business reason why this project should be funded.

If the proposal is approved, the applicant will work with the program manager to arrange travel and accommodation for incoming missions.

Eligible expenses for outgoing missions will be reimbursed upon travel completion, upon submission of required documents.

A BioPartnering Mission will be held over several days and the itinerary for the visiting partner will consist of one-on-one meetings and other activities as determined by the host company.

For Incoming Missions, the program will cover the cost of travel (up to a maximum $1,675) and accommodation (up to a maximum of $600) for the guest. The direct cost for the host company will be just a $500 participation fee, and whatever hospitality you provide to your guest (meals, ground transportation, etc.).

For Outgoing Missions, the program will reimburse the cost of event-related expenses only – i.e. conference registration (up to a maximum $1,675 CAD). The applicant’s only cost will be a $500 participation fee.

The program is seeking projects that involve a new business opportunity that will benefit not only your company/ organization, but will also have the potential to contribute to the growth of Atlantic Canada’s biosciences community.

Once proposals have been reviewed, successful applicants will be notified and travel arrangements will be made after the participation fee has been received.

If you’re interested in participating in this project, please submit the following information to

Ø Your organization’s name and contact information; 

Ø Names and coordinates of the individual/organization you have contacted and wish to invite to Atlantic Canada or wish to visit; 

Ø The rationale for the invitation/meeting and potential outcomes expected (New Markets/ Sales, Attracting Investment, Research Collaboration, Technology Transfer, etc.).

We believe that developing relationships between business and research contacts in Atlantic Canada and potential international partners is an important step in demonstrating sector capabilities and building long term partnerships for your organization and our Bioscience Cluster.

For further information, please contact Rose FitzPatrick (