Emergence client, Centre for Aquaculture Technologies, published in Aquafeed magazine

October 26, 2016

Emergence incubator client, The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canadarecently had an article on novel feed ingredient development for the aquaculture market published in Aquafeed magazine.

Please click here to read the article: “Novel feed ingredient development for the aquaculture market: a tailored approach” .

Novel feed ingredient development for the aquaculture market: a tailored approach

By André Dumas, The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canada

The human population growth combined with the rising consumption of meat and aquaculture products globally, will continue to amplify the demand for animal feeds which, in turn, will contribute to boost the volume of feed ingredients traded internationally, spur commodity price volatility and augment the risk of shortage of strategic sources of nutrients (e.g. fishmeal, fish oil). At the same time, the pressure to improve efficiency and sustainability of processing technologies is resulting in significant technological advancements that provide fertile ground for extraction and purification of value added dietary components from biomass and “waste” streams. These are conducive conditions to developing alternative and innovative ingredients for the aquaculture feed industry. Click here to read the full article.