Emergence Incubator expands services to boost bioscience businesses

November 17, 2015

A partnership between the Emergence BioScience Incubator and MaRS Market Intelligence Services will boost the competiteveness of Atlantic Canada’s bioscience businesses by giving them access to proprietary information on national and global markets.

Entrepreneurs in every sector know how difficult it is to bring new products to market successfully.

Knowing your industry, competitors, market size, pricing, potential investors and partners can mean the difference between success or failure in the marketplace.

Emergence provides member companies with comprehensive access to business and market intelligence. This service will now include access to MaRS Market Intelligence (MI) services provided by the MaRS Centre in Toronto.

Entrepreneurs will be paired with highly qualified market analysts with access to key market information databases, including Frost & Sullivan, at no cost to Emergence clients. Emergence Market Intelligence services will be provided as a complement to our clients’ own research efforts and due diligence.

MARSDDThe value of MI services lies in its access to customized reports and statistics – which are beyond the reach of most startups – provided through 12 research analysts and information specialists at MaRS. These specialists will provide answers to specific questions posed by the client.

For more information about the Emergence program, visit http://emergencebioincubator.com or contact: Jennifer@peibioalliance.com