Welcome to new Emergence client, GenCanBio Inc.

February 15, 2017

We are happy to extend a warm “EmerGence welcome” to our newest client, GenCanBio Inc., from Nova Scotia. Welcome to Canada’s bioscience incubation program!

gencanbiologoGenCanBio is a Nova Scotia-based biotechnology company that has developed proprietary high-throughput and low-cost in vivo bioassays to screen plant compounds for a variety of indications.

This allows the company to quicly and cheaply determine which compounds show bio-activity for specific indications and to take early steps to protect associated intellectual property.

gcbA virtual drug development company, GenCanBio’s core executive team has demonstrated expertise in strategic management, drug development and commercialization, R&D project management, intellectual property and financial control.

These internal capabilities allow the company to manage contractual collaboration and outsourcing activities with some of the world’s leading government, educational and private research institutions.

GenCanBio is using its own proprietary in vivo pain and bone regeneration assays to address osteoarthritis, among other indications. The global osteoarthritis market alone is $7 billion and growing 8.5% annually. The two major existing treatments for the long term/chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis are associated with side effects including:

  • NSAIDS–gastrointestinal problems including ulcers
  • Opiates–cardiorespiratory depression and addictio

GenCanBio believes that they can address the causes as well as the symptoms of osteoarthritis with minimal or no side effects.

Click here for information about how to contact GenCanBio!