Welcome to new Emergence client, Avivagen Inc.

January 8, 2018

We are happy to extend a warm “EmerGence welcome” to our newest client, Ottawa, Ontario- and Charlottetown, PEI-based Avivagen Inc. Welcome to Canada’s bioscience incubation program! Learn more about Avivagen here!

logoAvivagen is a life-sciences company that is developing and commercializing products to replace antibiotics in livestock feeds to optimize the health and growth of animals by supporting the animal’s own health defences.

Avivagen’s mission is to deliver quality products and services to their customers by “adopting best practices and continually monitoring industry trends to match and exceed the future expectations of the markets“.

Their goal is to offer scientifically proven solutions that can “truly benefit humans, food and companion animals by taking advantage of natural physiological mechanisms for maintaining optimal health”.

home-banner.jpgAvivagen’s unique, propriety technology, known as OxC-beta™ (fully oxidized beta-carotene) is based on Avivagen’s discovery of the propensity of the micronutrient B-carotene to naturally undergo oxidation to generate polymeric oxidation products that possess a unique combination of immunological health benefits.

Multiple trials have been completed with OxC-beta Livestock as a non-antibiotic feed additive that successfully optimizes health and productivity in swine and poultry.

Golden-with-Carrots-300x225For Companion Animals, Avivagen has created two branded lines of OxC-beta Technology products, Vivamune Vital Health Chews and Oximunol Chewable Tablets, intended to improve or maintain quality of life in these animals.

Avivagen Inc. operates in the multi-billion dollar animal and human health markets. The company’s goal is to commercialize a range of product applications from its technology platform with:

  • Secured licensing agreements
  • Collaborations and alliances with selected industry partners
  • The successful launch of pet products in the US, Canada and internationally
  • The strengthening of an already sound IP portfolio

Avivagen’s target NHO markets are

  • Human Health and Wellness
  • Livestock Health & Productivity Enhancement
  • Pet Wellness

The OxC-beta™ platform addresses all three target markets.

Avivagen is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The company has two R&D operations located in the Industrial Partnership Facilities at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in Ottawa (Chemistry), and in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Nutriscience).