Welcome to new EmerGence Client: Noblegen Inc.

September 2, 2016

EmerGence is excited to welcome new client, Noblegen Inc., to our incubation program.

NlogoNoblegen Inc. is an advanced biotechnology company that is focused on “the generations of tomorrow and the environmental challenges of today“.

N1As an advanced bioproducts manufacturer, Noblegen Inc. is dedicated to developing cost-effective, naturally-derived biomaterials and biochemicals for a wide range of consumer and industry sectors.

Noblegen currently offers several cost-competitive microorganism-derived products with applications across a range of markets. Their dietary, health and biochemical products offer customers alternative sources of cost-effective macronutrients and specialty micronutrients, in addition to novel compounds and biochemicals.

  • NobleGen’s three core products – protein, oils and fibre – offer food and beverage companies a unique, non-GMO source of dietary ingredients that satisfy the demand of savvy, health-conscious consumers for products they can feel good about.These products offer significant advantages, both nutritionally and environmentally, over conventional plant and animal ingredient sources. Their microorganisms are more sustainably grown and can be consumed by customers across many market segments since they are non-allergenic and vegetarian.
  • NobleGen’s omega oils, immune-modulating polymers, antioxidants and vitamins are derived from a sustainable source and feature impressive chemical structures for optimal health benefits. These ingredients offer nutraceutical companies the opportunity to differentiate their consumer products and to expand into growing specialty segments.
  • Their refined oils, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals offer high-value ingredients for applications in cosmetics.
  • In the animal nutrition market, advancements in the companion animal segment makes their protein-rich and oil-rich biomass products particularly valuable in the specialty food category; while the growing demand for dietary protein from land animals and aquaculture requires the increased production of land crops for feed. Noblegen offers an opportunity to livestock feed manufacturers who are seeking new ingredients to differentiate their products and increase conversion ratios.
  • NobleGen develops water treatment solutions for industries ranging from greenhouse hydroponics to the agricultural, oil & gas and mining sectors. Their patented bio-filtration water treatment technology can be customized to target specific contaminants and meets the need for sustainable water filtration methods that are clean, efficient, scalable and affordable.
  • The future of human health is dependent upon smart medicine, and Noblegen’s products offer a solution to some of the most significant challenges facing the biopharmaceutical market. The market potential for advanced biotherapeutics is substantial and their microorganisms create the opportunity to make a significant impact on the advancement of medicine.

N2.jpgThe company’s goal is to create an avenue for a healthier, more balanced relationship between people and planet. To do so, NobleGen is introducing a new wave of advanced bioproducts that utilizes a unique platform that combines proven industrial methods with a proprietary “directed expression” technique to commercially cultivate microorganisms. The Noblegen platform allows for the development of cost-effective dietary, health and biochemical products. These products are inspired by a clear and simple vision – to make a meaningful difference by delivering inspired biological solutions for some of the world’s greatest problems.

Technology Platform

At the core of the Noble business and overall strategy is a multi-product platform technology. The company has developed a platform that combines a proprietary approach to production with the best proven fermentation techniques in industry. The result is a next generation technology that offers advanced outcomes while using a pragmatic and scalable design.

The foundation of the platform technology is their “directed expression” technique.

Using this technique, Noblegen is able to control the characteristics of several components of their organisms without genetic manipulation to produce high-value compounds.



Adam Noble, CEO & Founder

Noblegen originated out of CEO and Founder Adam Noble’s award winning research. Mr. Noble’s scientific work started as a high school science fair project and continued for several years while attention grew to how its application could positively impact the world. His groundbreaking research on a select microorganism and its novel capabilities won him several national and international awards and an invitation to accept the Dudley R. Herschbach Award at the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. To this day, Mr. Noble remains the highest awarded youth scientist in Canadian history.

Noblegen was created in 2013 when Adam Noble and Dr. Andressa Lacerda identified a promising opportunity to apply his award-winning research to industry.

Noblegen was originally known for a unique water technology that applied some of Mr. Noble’s early research. Their first major milestone came in 2015 with the completion of an industrial system which was a one million times scale version of the first lab prototype. Based on this work Mr. Noble was the youngest recipient of one of Canada’s 2014 Clean50 Awards, which recognizes outstanding work in sustainable development and cleantech, and was also named one of Canada’s Top 20 under 20, which recognizes exceptional leadership, innovation and achievement in youth.

In the last three years dedicated research and development has expanded applications for the technology to include nutrition, health and biochemicals.

Learn more at: http://noblegen.com