Welcome to new Emergence client, Tieös Pharmaceuticals

December 14, 2017

We are happy to extend a warm “EmerGence welcome” to our newest client, Ontario and Moncton, New Brunswick-based Tieös Pharmaceuticals. Welcome to Canada’s bioscience incubation program! Read all about Tieös here!

logo[1]Tieös is a privately-held pre-clinical stage biotech company.

Founded in 2016, the goal of Tieös is to develop novel small molecule inhibitors which target the unique metabolic characteristics of cancer cells.

Rather than categorizing cancer as a class of vast genetic mutations that differ on a case by case basis, Tieös views cancer’s origin from a metabolic perspective. In this way, Tieös believes that current therapies focused on genetic aberrations are treating symptoms of cancer rather than addressing the root cause. While these metabolic traits are commonly used for diagnostic purposes such as PET scan imaging, they have not been the focus of current cancer therapies – making metabolic cancer treatments a largely untapped realm.


Arun Anand, Tieös Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Tieös approach has the potential to revolutionize current regimens with a common agent for treatment, providing patients with a clear alternative to costly, resource intensive, individualized cancer therapies.

With the use of advanced artificial intelligence technologies and 3D in silico modelling, Tieös has developed several lead polypharmocological compounds which will each target multiple metabolic pathways simultaneously – their goal is to starve cancer cells of their energy. The intelligent drug design process has been structured to minimize drug resistance and collateral damage by also identifying and accounting for specific anti-targets, as part of the development process.

Tieös’ vision is to create novel anti-cancer metabolic treatments whereby patients actively improve throughout their therapy, experience minimal side effects, and realize real and tangible mortality benefits.

Tieös recently emerged from “stealth mode” as a finalist of the 2017 BioInnovation Challenge, where the company made its first public presentation.