Welcome to new EmerGence Client: Retrievium Inc.

April 14, 2016

Immeasurable amounts of data and specialized algorithms help us map out travel routes and provide location-specific information for practically anywhere in the world.

Data and analytics let companies learn how to better market to existing and future clients.

Meet UPEI’s Dr. Jason Pearson – who has applied similarly complex computing and indexing Retrievium logoto make it easier for researchers to navigate extensive chemistry data.

Jason heads up new start-up Retrievium Inc., which has joined the EmerGence BioScience Business Incubation program‘s Pre-Incubation Program. Welcome to Retrievium!


Retrievium’s Dr. Jason Pearson

Jason is a computational chemist whose work is focused on the understanding of inter-and intra-molecular interactions and how they affect chemical properties as well as chemical reactivity. To accomplish this, his group uses and develops quantum chemical methods for electronic structure prediction and analysis.

Quantum chemistry sounds intimidating, yet it boils down to bringing together chemistry and vast computing capability.

Using quantum chemistry, the team can predict molecular structure and present a multitude of ways to analyze molecules and atoms—with unmatched accuracy, cost-effectiveness and safety.

All this is achieved electronically, without a chemistry or biopharma lab. Learn more about Jason’s research and the Retrievium database, which he co-developed with colleagues from Memorial University.

Computational modeling provides a more cost-effective, safe, and accurate way to analyze chemical compounds, especially valuable in the pharmaceutical industry. Pearson and his team use computers to simulate chemical properties without the need for a lab equipped with state of the art equipment, safety concerns, or specially certified personnel. The other advantage is they can process large amounts of data with a level of accuracy no human could match.

Pearson’s vision for Retrievium is for it to become the premier global resource, contributing to the development of commercial compounds like pharmaceuticals, and for academic and industry R&D.

Look out folks – this is one to watch!