WellFish Tech joins Emergence Incubator

April 2, 2024

WellFish Tech is the latest company to join Emergence, Atlantic Canada’s bioscience business incubator. Emergence is dedicated to assisting start-ups and growth-stage companies in commercializing bioscience-based technologies and services. WellFish Tech is revolutionizing fish healthcare in the aquaculture industry through rapid non-lethal blood testing for fish. WellFish’s technology enables a novel, data-informed, pro-active healthcare model, increasing productivity, fish health and profitability.

“We are pleased to have WellFish join Emergence,” shares Jason Cleaversmith, Director of Incubation, Emergence BioIncubator. “Their innovative approach to fish health is a game changer in Atlantic Canada and beyond, and we look forward to supporting their growth.”

By harnessing the power of clinical chemistry, WellFish Tech Inc. empowers fish farmers with the knowledge and insights needed to take preventive measures, ensuring the well-being of their fish and setting the stage for industry growth. Their mission is to enhance the sustainability of the aquaculture industry through increased productivity resulting from improved fish health and welfare.

WellFish’s innovative technology redefines fish health by actively monitoring gill and osmoregulatory function, cardiac, muscle, liver, kidney, and pancreatic function, pre- and post-smolt health, along with other factors. Through their proactive approach to fish health, WellFish is lowering mortality rates in aquaculture and promoting a more sustainable industry.

“I look forward to working with the Emergence Incubator,” says WellFish Director of North America, Mark Braceland. “We’re very pleased to join Emergence and are grateful for their support and guidance as we seek to revolutionize fish health in the Americas.”

Emergence provides companies with business incubation services, including the Critical Path program, one-on-one and team mentorship, business strategy and advisory services, and access to the Emergence Performance Network.