12 Key Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring & Firing

February 6, 2017

Emergence Partner, McInnes Cooper, recently published sage advice for companies in growth mode.

new-mcinnes-cooper-logo-300-dpi-mediumEntitled “12 Key Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring & Firing“, this piece is as relevant for early-stage and start-up ventures as it is for established companies.

McInnes Cooper writes: “The hiring process and the termination process are equally important stages of the employment relationship – and both are full of minefields for employers. It’s critical that employers put the time in both up-front to ensure they are hiring the right people in the first place, and at the back-end to ensure they are ending employment relationships in a way that complies with the law and minimizes their liability exposure.

Here are their 12 “key” do’s and don’ts for employers when hiring and firing employees.

  1. Do require all applicants to submit a (well-drafted) employment application.
  2. Do check applicant references.
  3. Don’t ask interview questions that violate human rights legislation.
  4. Do use Social Media to screen candidates.
  5. Do be careful what you say – and don’t make promises.
  6. Do use a written employment contract – before you agree on the employment terms.
  7. Do pick the right (legal) reason for the termination.
  8. Do ascertain notice and prepare the separation package in advance when termination is without cause.
  9. Do plan ahead to implement the employment termination.
  10. Don’t violate the applicable employment standards legislation.
  11. Do always terminate with dignity, or be ready to pay the price.
  12. Don’t jump the gun if an employee resigns.

You can read the full article here!