Emergence client, BioTraceIT, is hiring: Senior Data Scientist & Blockchain Developer

November 14, 2018

Emergence client, BioTraceIT™ is hiring…

BioTraceIT is actively seeking applications from qualified candidates for a Senior Data Scientist & Blockchain Developer.

BioTraceITBioTraceIT values the capacity to improve medical care and interventions by quantifying pain ultimately impacting quality of life and wellness.

BioTraceIT focuses on novel technologies at the cutting edge of wearable health care. We deem new solutions as paramount to new paradigms. By measuring pain, we quantify wellness.

BioTraceIT is currently seeking a Senior Data Scientist with blockchain development experience within Healthcare IoT to ensure that IoT medical device data is integrated with electronic medical records and individual patient data sources by leveraging machine learning / AI for predictive analytics. Block chain development is required for data security architecture.

The ideal candidate will have expertise in software development including: coding, analytics, EMR, NLP, and medical acumen and an understanding of the complex healthcare systems and treatment areas (common practice and guidelines) as well as a focus on big data analytics and blockchain.

This position will be located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Click here to apply.