Norway’s Amar Group AS (“Amar Group”) establish a new subsidiary in the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada and acquire North America’s primary Halibut Broodstock holding and the Halibut P.E.I. (“HPEI”) facility

May 10, 2022

For Immediate Release

May 10, 2022

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – Amar Group are very pleased to announce that their newly established subsidiary, Amar Seafood PEI Ltd., acquired HPEI’s halibut facility and broodstock as of May 6, 2022.

Amar Group are very impressed by the work that has been done at HPEI and are grateful to have the opportunity to benefit and capitalize on the considerable knowledge and work performed by the team and other stakeholders.

Amar Group also see a clear potential for significant synergies with the work they have done on Spotted Atlantic Wolffish (“Wolffish”) farming in both Canada and Norway.

Amar Group look forward to further expanding and developing both Wolffish and Halibut species into commercially viable and environmentally sustainable land-based aquaculture businesses. Utilizing the “know-how” and expertise that has been built up at HPEI and combining that with Amar’s operational expertise and access to state-of-the-art aquaculture technologies, then the potential to supply North America with a premium quality white fish will be realized.

“PEI is ideally suited for the grow out of both Halibut and Wolffish due to the ideal well water salinities and temperatures which bring year round stability to the operation in a cost effective manner”, said Bjørn Apeland, CEO Amar Group.

“We look forward to continuing, and strengthening, relationships with key stakeholders on Prince Edward Island and to further developing the work done by Halibut PEI. We received a warm welcome from the community of Victoria by the Sea we and are looking forward to developing and growing this relationship further”, he finished.

PEI BioAlliance CEO, Rory Francis, commented “PEI’s bio sector welcomes the investment in Halibut PEI by the Amar group and supports their ambitious growth and commercialization plan. This investment complements the excellent reputation that PEI has for quality seafood products in North America. Their use of advanced technologies from quality broodstock, to fish health and nutrition, to final product, creates the conditions for sustainable and environmentally responsible growth in the sector.”

For further information about Amar Seafood PEI Ltd. and contact details please visit Amar Group’s website at


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Amar Group is a private investment company focused on the aquaculture industry, working with a hands-on approach. Our Norwegian background of entrepreneurship and technology, together with our experiences and connection to the ocean, serve as the pillars of our company values. Our passion is for the sea and we constantly strive to find and develop more sustainable solutions for future generations.

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